Update: Temporary rejection of emails with ZIP files as attachments revoked

Message-Id: 202206211700
Time: as of now
Affected: All e-mail users of the GWDG
Impact: Restrictions partially revoked

The emergency measure taken on June 14, 2022 due to an acute virus wave to refuse to receive emails containing ZIP files as attachments was revoked today.

Emails with ZIP files attached will no longer be rejected as long as no viruses are found in the ZIP archives. Emails with encrypted ZIP files in the attachment, whose contents cannot be checked by virus scanners because of the encryption, will also be accepted and delivered again.

For the mail domains mpg.de and subordinate mail domains (*.mpg.de), for which attachment filtering has been activated at all, it remains as a special rule that emails with encrypted ZIP files in the attachment are rejected.

Filter rules generally only apply to the delivery of emails from external sources, not to e-mails exchanged within the GWDG e-mail service.