DSGVO-compliant integration of Google Fonts on websites
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Online embedding of Google Fonts criticized,
Local hosting of Google Fonts is strongly recommended

The Regional Court of Munich issued a ruling in January 2022 that the embedding of the free Google Fonts via the Google server is not DSGVO-compliant. [...]

October issue of the GWDG News published
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The October issue of the GWDG News has just been published.

It contains among others the following topics:

  • New Status and Operational Message Overview for Services of the GWDG
  • A Virtual Assistant for Patient Education: Covid-Bot
  • With JypytherHub on the

Summary of the disturbance on 14.10.2022
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At noon on Friday, 14.10.2022, massive disruptions to the power supply of the Göttingen
University North Campus (area of the University Medical Center Göttingen to the MPI campus
Am Faßberg) occurred due to construction work in the Göttingen city area. [...]

IT Security Awareness Days from 10.10. – 19.10.2022
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Several German universities, including the University of Göttingen / GWDG, are jointly organizing the IT Security Awareness Days as a cross-university public online event series for the fourth time from 10.10. – 19.10.2022. The 14 lecture topics cover everything from [...]