Warning: Phishingmail circulating
in Email, Operating news, Security

Message-Id: 201704281806
Time: 28/04/2017
Affected: Users with mailboxes
Impact: Delivery of a phishing message

Unfortunately, the following phishing e-mail was delivered to some of our users at around 5:45pm:


Your email account subscription has expired and your email [...]

Office of the joint project DARIAH-DE founded
in Top News

A formal ceremony was held on Wednesday, 26 April 2017, to officially found the office of the joint project DARIAH-DE. Since 2011 DARIAH-DE as national subproject of the European-wide project DARIAH-EU (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) has [...]

Information: Data centre closed on 01.05.2017
in Operating news

Message-Id: 201704280740
Time: 01.05.2017
Affected: Customers of GWDG
Impact: Data centre closed and service hotline not available by phone

The data centre of the GWDG is closed on 01.05.2017. We kindly ask all users to take this into account. [...]

Solved: Outlook Auto Discover Function
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Message-No.: 201704250939
Time: April 24th till April 25th, 2017
Betroffen: Outlook users
Auswirkungen: connection problems solved

In cooperation with Microsoft the problems with the auto-discover feature of Exchange/Outlook could be solved. These problems were probably caused by interactions due to [...]

Malfunction: Auto Discover Service for Outlook
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Since early afternoon of April 24th, 2017, Outlook users observe sporadic alerts concerning the auto-discover function. Analysis and resolution of the problem is in progress with support of Microsoft.

If you find the autodiscover message, please click the check box [...]

Wartungsarbeiten an der zentralen Firewall am 27.04.2017
in Operating news

Meldungsnummer: 201704240955
Zeitraum: 27.04.2017, 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Betroffen: Gesamtes GÖNET
Auswirkungen: Einmaliges Zurücksetzen aller HTTP-Verbindungen

Auf der zentralen GÖNET-Firewall werden Sicherheitsupdates eingespielt. Hierbei ist ein Schwenk zwischen den beiden Geräten des Failover-Paares notwendig.Aufgrund der Hochverfügbarkeits-Funktionalität sollte dies keine Auswirkungen [...]

Maintenance completed: SharePoint maintenance
in Operating news

Message-ID: 201704041600
Time: 13.04.2017 start 5 p.m.
Affected: SharePoint farm
Impact: All SiteColllections were temporarily not available

SharePoint maintenance

As announced GWDG SharePoint Farm maintenance has been carried out and has been finished. All site collections are available again without [...]

Malfunction: SAN
in Fileservice, Operating news

Due to a problem in the Storage Area Network, the home-directories in the UNIX-cluster can not be accessed via Samba or the terminal servers. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. [...]

Solved: SAN
in Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 201704111615
Time: 11.04.2017, 4-5 pm
Affected: Users of group shares and aleph
Impact: Access to group shares and aleph

The malfunction with the SAN is solved, so access to group shares and aleph is avaiable again. [...]