Maintenance complete: GWDG ownCloud on 05/15/2021
in Cloud, Fileservice

Message-Id: 202105151301
Time: 05/15/2021, 1PM
Affected: GWDG ownCloud users
Impact: GWDG ownCloud service is available again.

The update of GWDG ownCloud to 10.7 was completed on May 15th at 1PM. The
service is available again.
You can find the changelog

Maintenance: Bioinformatics and Statistics Services on 20.05.2021
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105141448
Time: 20.05.2021 17:00-19:00
Affected: RStudio-Server, Galaxy-Server, gwdu100
Impact: Services are not available

Due to the maintenance work on Thu. 20.05.2021 17:00-19:00 the following systems and services will be unavailable:

Galaxy-Server (
RStudio-Server (
geneXplain ( [...]

Maintenance: SharePoint Maintenance on 29.05.2021
in Operating news

Message-ID: 202105121200
Time: 29.05.2021 07:00 – 18:00
Affected: SharePoint farms
Impact: All website collections will temporarily unavailable

SharePoint maintenance

The GWDG SharePoint farms will be under maintenance and will be not available. This will affect all Site-Collections starting with one [...]

in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105120917
Time: May 12 2021, 12-1pm
Affected: all pad users
Impact: service not available

Due to a security update the service will be unavailable for a short time starting at 12 noon. [...]

Information: GWDG availability on 13.05.2021
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105112130
Time: 13.05.2021
Affected: Users of the GWDG
Impact: Reduced availability of the GWDG

The GWDG service hotline will not be available by phone on 13.05.2021, the Ascension Day.

If you would like to contact the GWDG on this [...]

Solved: Activation of external services
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105101854
Time: May 10 2021,non - May 11,2021 8:30am
Affected: all users
Impact: none

The portlet for external services on is working again. If this section still appears blank, please klick on “edit” which results in showing you [...]

Malfunction: Activation of external services
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105101854
Time: May 10 2021, since the afternoon
Affected: all users
Impact: no activation options in the portal

Currently, the portlet for external services on is malfunctioning. This manifests as no options being shown at all, making the [...]

Maintenance of Jupyter-Cloud on May 13th at 5 PM
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105071609
Time: May 13th 2021 at 5 PM
Affected: All Jupyter Users
Impact: Service temporarily unavailable

On Thursday 13th at 5 pm the service will undergo an update. The service gets a new version of JupyterLab and the [...]

Maintenance: GWDG Cloud Server service
in Cloud, Operating news

Message-Id: 202105070900
Time: Saturday, 08.05.2021, 08:00 to 18:00
Affected: GWDG Cloud Server service
Impact: VMs cannot be managed. Running VMs are not affected and are still accessible.

On Saturday, 08.05.2021, extensive maintenance work will be performed on the GWDG Cloud [...]

Maintenance: Ceph Storage
in Fileservice

Message-Id: 202105042000
Time: 06.05.2021, 17:00 to 19:00
Affected: Parts of the GWDG Cloud Server service, some S3 buckets
Impact: None

The maintenance work was successfully completed. [...]

Malfunction: ShareLaTeX / Overleaf
in Operating news

Meldungsnummer: 202105051105
Betroffen: ShareLaTeX/Overleaf
Auswirkungen: Service down

Due to yet unkown reasons the service suffered an outage from 09.40-10.50 am which required a complete restart of the service. [...]

in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105031508
Time: 03.05.2021, 3pm to 4pm
Affected: users of
Impact: non-availability of the service

At 3:00 pm we will update GWDG Pad (HedgeDoc) to fix the problem which caused the downtimes in the last hours. The service will [...]