Wartungsarbeiten: Firewall
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Diese Woche finden dringende Wartungsarbeiten an der zentralen GOENET
Firewall sowie den VPN-Zugängen vpn.gwdg.de und webvpn.gwdg.de statt.

Planmäßig wird es nur zu einem *Ausfall des webVPN* für einige Minuten
kommen. Sowohl Firewall als auch ‘klassisches’ VPN sind redundant
ausgelegt und [...]

Maintenance: FreeBSD Server Maintenance on 01.09.2016
in Operating news

Between 01.09.2016, 5:00 p.m and approx. 7:00 p.m. the following services will be under maintenance and may be not available.

  • GWDG printservice
  • SAMBA service (\\samba, \\gwdg-print)
  • News-Server
  • WWW-Cache (www-access for systems in private networks)

We will inform you as soon [...]

Malfunction: WWW Proxy Server
in Operating news

Probably in consequence of the power failures last weekend www-cache.gwdg.de is sporadically unresponsive. Troubleshooting is in progress but seems to be sophisticated. We apologize for any inconvenience. [...]

New GWDG Cloud Share client available
in Operating news

Message-Id: 201608224113
Affected: GWDG Cloud Share

A new GWDG Cloud Share client is available. Among other improvements, it fixes the Windows Visual C++ error, named after it’s error message. The OSX Client was reviewed and optimized. [...]

Malfunction: Power Outages (Update)
in Fileservice, Network, Operating news

Message No.: 2016098200030
Time: Aug 20th, 2016 – since about 0:30 a.m.
Affected: Miscellaneous systems
Impact: Malfunctions caused by power outages partially solved

Several power outages during the night of Aug 20th, 2016, caused serious breakdowns in all central [...]

Solved: Network failures
in Operating news

Message-Id: 201608181138
Time: 18.08.2016, 11:18 am – 11:32 am
Affected: Everyone
Impact: Connection problems solved

Between 11:18 am and 11:32 am the primary DNS Server had problems. These are solved now. [...]