Problem resolved: GÖNET
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Due to an error on the firewall yesterday, the 24 of November 2015 the connection out of GÖNET  was disrupted for about an hour (9:40pm to 10:30pm). The error has been corrected and the operation of all systems is


Solved: network malfunction
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Due to a malfunction in the central firewall multiple GWDG services / servers unfortunately were not available this morning. The failure has been fixed so that all services operate again. A detailed analysis of the cause is still [...]

Warning: Phishing Mails circulating
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Currently emails are posted, which pretend to be send from GWDG or Göttingen University und which are prompting the recipients to enter there login credentials on a foreign website or to reveal such information in an answer to those emails. [...]

Course program 2016 published
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The GWDG course program for 2016 has been published. It again offers a wide range of courses for efficient use of hardware, software and networks.

If you have requests for other courses that are not included in the current course [...]

November issue of the GWDG News published
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The November issue of the GWDG News has just been published.

It contains among others the following Topics:

  • New website
  • Permission structures in SharePoint
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • OpenSSH-Port-Weiterleitung und SSH-Dateisystem

>> Click here for the GWDG-News 11/2015.