Maintenance completed: GWDG OwnCloud
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Message-Id: 201911301200
Time: 30.11.2019, 8am til 12pm
Affected: users of OwnCloud
Impact: non-availability of the service OwnCloud

The service OwnCloud has been successfully updated from version 10.1.1 to version 10.3.1. A summary of the changes can be found here: [...]

Information: File-Service UNIX
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Message-Id: 201911281340
Time: 01:30 PM
Affected: File Server Unix
Impact: Failure File-Service Unix

Between 13:30 – 13:42 PM there was a disturbance in the Unix file-service. This was caused by a breakdown of a RAID-system. By this, two HPC-file-systems were [...]

Malfuntion: GWDG Pad
in Operating news

Message-Id: 201911271125
Time: 27.11.2019, since 11 o'clock
Affected: User of GWDG Pad
Impact: GWDG Pad not available

Since 11:30 am, the service GWDG Pad is fully available again and the
previous performance issues and short failures should not occur again. [...]

Malfuntion: GWDG Pad
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Message-Id: 201911271125
Time: 27.11.2019, since 11 o'clock
Affected: User of GWDG Pad
Impact: GWDG Pad not available

Since approximately 11 am we are encountering issues with accessing the
service GWDG Pad. We are working on a quick solution and apologize [...]

Maintenance: iOS and macOS client management
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Message-Id: 201911181655
Time: November 21, 5pm to approx. 6pm
Affected: macOS and iOS client management
Impact: interruption of the service

On Thursday the 21.11 from 17 o’clock to approx. 18 o’clock the software for service iOS and macOS client management

Maintenance: VPN-Service configuration change
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Message-Id: 201911181615
Time: 21.11.2019, 5pm to 5:30pm
Affected: GWDG VPN-Service (

A configuration change will result in a short interruption of the service of about 5 minutes. After this interruption, all previously existing VPN connections have to be [...]

November issue of the GWDG News published
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The November issue of the GWDG News has just been published.

It contains among others the following topics:

  • GWDG-HPC: Transition from LSF to Slurm
  • Mailing lists – New and Old information from the GWDG List Server
  • Euro-Par 2019 in Göttingen

in Operating news

Message-Id: 201911141300
Time: 14.11.2019
Affected: all users of the service
Impact: unavailability

The service will be launched today the 14.11.2019, in the period
between 17:00 and 18:00 o’clock on the new platform “Overleaf” updated
and are temporarily unavailable during [...]

KI-Vortrag in der Reihe “Saturday Morning Science”
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In der Vortragsreihe “Saturday Morning Science”, in der Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der Universität Göttingen aktuelle Fragen und Ergebnisse aus den Naturwissenschaften vorstellen, spricht Dr. Sven Bingert, Mitarbeiter in der Arbeitsgruppe “eScience” der GWDG, in seinem Vortrag “Künstliche Intelligenz spielend erklärt” [...]

Universität Göttingen und HAWK werben elf Digitalisierungsprofessuren ein
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Das Land Niedersachsen hat 40 neue Digitalisierungsprofessuren bereitgestellt. Elf davon gehen an die Universität Göttingen und die HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen. Damit wird der gemeinsame Antrag „Data Science Region Südniedersachsen“ gefördert. Im Wettbewerb um die Professuren haben die Universität Göttingen und die [...]