Maintenance complete: GWDG ownCloud on 05/15/2021
in Cloud, Fileservice

Message-Id: 202105151301
Time: 05/15/2021, 1PM
Affected: GWDG ownCloud users
Impact: GWDG ownCloud service is available again.

The update of GWDG ownCloud to 10.7 was completed on May 15th at 1PM. The
service is available again.
You can find the changelog

Maintenance: Ceph Storage
in Fileservice

Message-Id: 202105042000
Time: 06.05.2021, 17:00 to 19:00
Affected: Parts of the GWDG Cloud Server service, some S3 buckets
Impact: None

The maintenance work was successfully completed. [...]

Solved: Malfunction UNIX Fileservice
in All, Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 202104050414
Time: 05.04.2021, since 4 A.M.
Affected: UNIX Fileservice
Impact: none

Today, from 12:30 A.M., there existed sporadic malfunctions within the UNIX Fileservice.
These malfunctions were caused by a defect connection to one of the storage systems.
All malfunctions [...]

Malfunction: UNIX Fileservice of GWDG
in Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 202102162048
Time: 16.02.2021, since 20:00
Affected: Users of UNIX Fileservice
Impact: No Access

Due to a system failure the UNIX Home Directories are currently not available. We are trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible and will [...]