Maintenance: Fileservice on 09.01.2020
in Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 202001061250
Time: 23.05.2019 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Affected: UNIX-HOME Directories (GWDG, UNI, MPG), Windows-HOME Directories (GWDG, MPG), Archive-Service, GDZ-Worker SUB, File-Sevice BIOINFO, Crashplan, Textgrid, THOME, special services (ENI (HSM), MBPC, MPAE, SUB_NLH, UPRP)
Impact: none

On Thursday, January [...]

Malfunction: UNIX Fileservers of GWDG
in Fileservice

Due to a system failure the UNIX Home Directories are currently not available. We are trying to rectify the problem as quickly as possible and will issue an announcement as soon as there is any change. [...]

Malfunction: UNIX Fileservice
in Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 201912221040
Time: 22.12.19, since ca. 7 am
Affected: User of UNIX Fileservice
Impact: No access to the UNIX Filesevice

The GWDG UNIX Fileservice is experiencing issues and is not available.
We are working on the solution. [...]

Information: File-Service UNIX
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Message-Id: 201911281340
Time: 01:30 PM
Affected: File Server Unix
Impact: Failure File-Service Unix

Between 13:30 – 13:42 PM there was a disturbance in the Unix file-service. This was caused by a breakdown of a RAID-system. By this, two HPC-file-systems were [...]

Maintenance: Maintenance window on Sep 12th, 2019
in Fileservice, Network, Operating news

Message-Id: 201909100904
Time: Sep 12th, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Affected: Services samba, printing, wwwuser, www-cache, UNIX login
Impact: no access

Important: Please also note the following important older message for this maintenance window:

Due to an operating system [...]

Information: Störung des UNIX-Fileservice
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Meldungsnummer: 201908211120
Zeitraum: 21.08.19, ca. 11:00 – 11:10
Betroffen: Nutzer des UNIX-Fileservice
Auswirkungen: kein Zugriff auf den UNIX-Filesevice

Für eine kurze Zeit war das UNIX-Fileservice nicht verfügbar. Folgende Dateisystembereiche waren betroffen:

  • Archiv
  • Bioinformatik
  • Macstore
  • MPG
  • UNI
  • GD201

Malfunction solved: Various services
in Fileservice, Operating news

Message-Id: 201906161958
Time: since 06/15/19, 9pm - 06/16/10, 10:30pm
Affected: various services
Impact: mass storage unreachable

Due to problems with mass storage systems, various services are currently not available.

[Update: 22:30] The issue has been fixed. [...]