Solved: can’t be accessed
in Email, Operating news

Message-Id: 202107271128
Time: 27.07.2021, 11:28 -12:10am
Affected: user of
Impact: emails can be accessed through again

The Outlook Web App can be accessed again. We are sorry for any inconviniences. [...]

Malfunction solved: E-Mail-System
in Email

Message-Id: 202103271335
Time: 27.03.2021, from about 3 am to 12.40 pm
Affected: Exchange users
Impact: external mails could not be sent or received

The problem has been found and solved. The mails will now be gradually delivered. We apologize for [...]

Malfunction: E-Mail-System
in Email

Message-Id: 202103271035
Time: 27.03.2021, since about 3 am
Affected: Exchange users
Impact: no receiving or sending of mails to/from external mail addresses

Due to technical problems, there may currently be disruptions in the GWDG’s e-mail system. This affects mails that [...]