Maintenance: GWDG Pad
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Message-Id: 202208111122
Time: 11.08.2022, 11:30 am to approx. 11:50 am, as well as 11.08, 5:00 pm to approx. 12.08. 9:00 am
Affected: users of
Impact: service not available

Due to an urgent update will be unavailable today from [...]

Warning: Phishing mail in circulation
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Message-Id: 202208111042
Time: 11.08.2022
Affected: all users of the GWDG
Impact: delivery of a phishing-mail

There is currently another phishing e-mail in circulation.

You can find a list of current known phishing-mails here [...]

Information: Temporary failure of Jupyter-Cloud
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Message-Id: 202208101749
Time: 09.08.-10.08.2022
Affected: All users of the Jupytre Cloud
Impact: Service partially unavailable

Between late Tue afternoon and Wed morning several users of Jupyter-Cloud were unable to launch their notebook servers after successful login to the service. A [...]

Maintenance: Jupyter-Cloud
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Message-Id: 202208101727
Time: 15.8.2022 08-10am
Affected: All users of the Jupyter Cloud
Impact: Service unavailable

On the 15th between 08-10am the service Jupyter-Cloud will receive a small, general update. During this procedure the service is not or only intermittently available, [...]

July/August issue of the GWDG News published
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The July/August issue of the GWDG News has just been published.

It contains among others the following topics:

  • DLR Puts New Supercomputer CARO Into Operation in Göttingen
  • Changes in the Use of GitLab
  • WLAN Expansion on the Göttingen Campus
  • A

Maintenance work finished:
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Message-Id: 202208041733
Time: 04.08.2022 5:12 pm
Affected: All users of the service
Impact: he service is available again

The server certificate on has been renewed. This service is available
again. [...]

Malfunction resolved:
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Message-Id: 202208041529
Time: 04.08.2022 14:25-15:30
Affected: All user of FAQ
Impact: Webpage not responded

The FAQ ( will be available again once the technical technical problems will be available again. [...]

Information: Retiring Zoom Clients below 5.3.0
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Message-Id: 202208031029
Time: August 8th 2022
Affected: Zoom Client users
Impact: Zoom clients below 5.3.0 are not supported anymore

On August 6, 2022, Zoom will be retiring Zoom Client versions below 5.3.0 for Zoom Client for Meetings to address [...]

Failure of Jupyter-Cloud service corrected
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Message-Id: 202208011536
Time: July 31st 2022 until August 1st 2022 9am
Affected: Users of
Impact: Service is available again

The failure of the Jupyter-Cloud service was corrected today just before 9am.

The service suffered a failure on Sunday at [...]