Solved: Sophos Enterprise Console
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Message-Id: 201910141300
Affected: Sophos Enterprise Console User
Impact: Sophos Enterprise Console is working again

The malfunction was caused by a corrupt database which was successfully restored. [...]

Malfunction: Sophos Enterprise Console
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Message-Id: 201910141300
Affected: Sophos Enterprise Console User
Impact: Sophos Enterprise Console unusable

For unknown reasons, Sophos Enterprise Console on the remote desktop server GWD-WinTS3 is not working.
We are working to resolve the problem and apologize for the inconvenience.
Updating [...]

Data centre closed on German Unity Day
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Message-Id: 201910011745
Time: 10-03-2019
Affected: Customers of the GWDG
Impact: Data centre closed and service hotline not available by phone

The data centre of the GWDG will be closed on 03.10.2019, the German Unity Day. We kindly ask all our [...]

Information: Email filtering
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Meldungsnummer: 201909301446
Zeitraum: 30.09.2019
Betroffen: Information E-Mail Nutzung

Due to the actual threats situation and in accordance with Max-Planck-Society and Georg-August-University Göttingen GWDG changes the filtering of email messages, which users of MPG, University and GWDG receive from external senders [...]

Information: Email filtering
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Message-Id: 201909301446
Time: 30.09.2019
Affected: Information E-Mail Usage

Translation will follow in short term.


Ab dem 30.10.2019 ändert die GWDG auf Grund der aktuellen Gefahrenlage in Abstimmung mit der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen die Filterung von E-Mails [...]

Backup large format printer HP z6200ps out of service
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Message-Id: 201909271115
Time: from 23.08.2019
Affected: print-queues zcpils62, zcixls62 and zcip4s62
Impact: no printing in these queues is possible

Printing in the mentioned queues is not possible. Print jobs on these queues will not be executed. We are waiting for [...]

August/September issue of the GWDG News published
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The August/September issue of the GWDG News has just been published.
It contains among others the following Topics:
  • New Application Procedure for User Certificates in the DFN-PKI
  • Digital Sovereignty and Open Source
  • Data Analytics Tools on the Scientific Compute Cluster