Failure: Jupyter Hub
in Operating news, Operating news

Message-Id: 202009261230
Time: 07:18

The Jupyter Hub ( is currently not available. The reason to this problem still has to be determined, the operators of the service are notified already. [...]

Maintenance: Brief Update of ShareLatex/Overleaf
in Operating news, Cloud

Message-Id: 202009171533
Time: 17.09.2020 5 PM
Affected: Users of Overleaf/ShareLatex
Impact: Service temporarily unavailable

At 5pm an update of the service ShareLatex/Overleaf will fix the problem of Link Sharing
with write access.
The update will cause a service interruption of [...]

Solved: Malfunction E-Mail System
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Message-Id: 202009010800
Time: 01.09.2020 1 am - 7 am
Affected: all e-mail users
Impact: no mail delivery possible

Due to technical problems, e-mails were temporarily not delivered between 01:08 am and 07:10 am. This problem has been solved and the [...]