Maintenance completed: SharePoint
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105121200
Time: 29.05.2021 07:00 – 18:00
Affected: SharePoint Farm
Impact: All website collections were temporarily unavailable

As announced GWDG SharePoint Farm maintenance has been carried out and has finished successfully.
All site collections are available again without any restrictions. [...]

Information: Network disturbances
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Message-Id: 202105281001
Time: 05.28.2021, 09:50 until 10:00 AM
Affected: GWDG services for users outside GÖNET/ in front of the perimeter firewall and GÖNET behind the perimeter firewall (mainly university institutes, GWDG RZ, Studentenwerk)
Impact: Heavy disturbance, mostly total failure

At [...]

Maintenance completed: vCenter
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105271739
Time: Thursday, May 27th, 5 pm to 5.30 pm
Affected: users of the vCenter
Impact: vCenter temporarily unavailable

The vCenter update proceeded faster than expected and the vCenter is fully operational again. [...]

Solved: Network-Outage
in Network, Operating news

Meldungsnummer: 202105271705
 27.05.2021, 15:15 bis 15:50 Uhr
: GWDG-services for users outside of the GÖNET/ the perimeter firewall
      GÖNET behind the perimeter firewall (mainly Uni-Institutes, GWDG EDPC, Studentenwerk)
Auswirkungen: Severe impairment, mostly total failure
    Individual [...]

Maintenance: vCenter
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105271157
Time: May 27th 2021 from 5 PM – 6:30 PM
Affected: Users of vCenter
Impact: vCenter temporarily unavailable

In order to install a critical update, the vCenter will be restarted multiple times.
The VM operation will remain unaffected. [...]

May issue of the GWDG News published
in Top News

The May issue of the GWDG News has just been published.

It contains among others the following topics:

  • Online Surveys with LimeSurvey at the GWDG: Upcoming Relaunch
  • Koha at the GWDG – First Library Catalogue is Online
  • E-Mail-Encryption Using X.509

Information: GWDG availability around Pentecost
in Operating news

Message-Id: 202105210715
Time: 23.05. – 24.05.2021
Affected: Users of the GWDG
Impact: Reduced availabiltiy of the GWDG

The GWDG service hotline will not be available by phone on 23.05. and 24.05.2021.

If you would like to contact the GWDG on [...]

Maintenance: GWDG Rocket.Chat on 20.05.2021
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Message-Id: 202105191620
Time: 05/20/2021, 5PM
Affected: GWDG Rocket.Chat users
Impact: Rocket.Chat will be unavailable for a short period.

On Thursday 20th at 5 pm the service will receive a configuration change and
will restart in the process.
In the [...]