Discontinuation of eduroam authentication for GWDG Cloud Share

Up until now it was possible to sign in to the GWDG Cloud Share service with an eduroam account from your home institution.
This possibility will be disabled on Thursday, 17 Dez.

* What happens to your account and your files?

This change only disables the possibility to log into the service with an eduroam account. Your existing account including your files remain stored in the service, nothing gets deleted or otherwise locked.

* How to access your account in the future?

In order to access your account again after this change please use the “reset your password” function at https://cloudshare.gwdg.de. For details see: https://info.gwdg.de/faq/index.php?solution_id=1040
It is possible and recommended to do this already now, before the discontinuation of eduroam authentication in the GWDG Cloud Share service comes into effect.

* What to do if your eduroam login is not your Email address?

There are cases in which the eduroam account name (account@institute.tld) does not match any Email address for your account. This prevents you from using the password reset function as described above.
In this case please add an Email address to your account immediately with which you wish to continue using the service before the discontinuation of eduroam authentication in the GWDG Cloud Share service comes into effect. This can be done via the account page (https://cloudshare.gwdg.de/myaccount). Then open a support ticket with us by writing to support@gwdg.de and give tell us your eduroam account name. We will rename the account to your new Email address. At this point you can use the password reset function as described above to set a new password with your account and the new Email address and regain access to your files.

* What to do if you can no longer access your account?

If you are no longer able to log into your account try to reset the password as described above.
If you do not receive an email with the password reset link open a ticket with us by writing to support@gwdg.de. Tell us your username and we will help you.

* Why is signing in with an eduroam disable now?

When using eduroam to access your Wireless at home or at a foreign institution it has the unique property of allowing you to securely authenticate with your account of your home institution without having to trust the WLAN providers.
When using eduroam for other services like authentication with our GWDG Cloud Share it is still convenient being able to use your home institution’s account but the unique property of eduroam is not retained. To keep with the spirit and unique property of eduroam we have been asked to disable eduroam sign in for GWDG Cloud Share and hereby do so.