Who can access our HPC systems?

The GWDG offers two systems for high-performance computing; the Scientific Compute Cluster (SCC) and Emmy.

Scientific Compute Cluster – SCC

For researchers of the Max Planck Society and University of Göttingen

The tier-3 Scientifc Compute Cluster is operated for researchers of the Max Planck Society and University of Göttingen, which have permanent access to the SCC. In case your institute has custom requirements, we also offer housing and hosting options (see FAQ).

Technical details, detailed documentation, and further help can be found on our website.

In case more compute resources are required, we recommend applying for an account at the NHR alliance (see next section Emmy).


In the scope of the NHR alliance which aims to support researchers at German universities

Our tier-2 HPC system Emmy is open to all researchers at German universities (see diagram below for more details). Before using this cluster, one needs to apply at the NHR alliance. Detailed information can be found on the website of the NHR Alliance. If your project was granted by a funding organization on our allowlist (see FAQ), we offer a shortened proposal format. The first step is to apply for a personal user account.

More technical details, detailed documentation, and further help can be found on our website.


Can students access our HPC systems?

Unfortunately, students cannot in general access the HPC resources without being affiliated with a German research institute (e.g., bachelor thesis, master thesis). Students who are working on thesis projects at the University of Göttingen or Max Planck Society, can request a GWDG account that is affiliated with the institute of their supervisor. However, there are courses on High Performance Computing which are also open to students. A good starting point for new HPC users is the workshop Using the GWDG Scientific Compute Cluster offered at the GWDG Academy.

What funding organizations are on the NHR allowlist?

Currently following funding organizations are on our allowlist:

What does housing mean?

If your institute is affiliated with the Max Planck Society or University of Göttingen, we also offer housing. This option allows us to provide a custom solution if you have special computing/hardware requirements. This option includes electricity, cooling, and support for the hardware. But is does not cover any administration of the server, which remains in your responsibility and under your control.

We recommend our hosting option for better utilization of computing resources.

What does hosting mean?

Our hosting option includes all housing services but also covers the administration. This option allows us to operate our computing center more efficiently and is recommended if you have high requirements.


Hauke Kirchner

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail: agc@gwdg.de