Information: End of life Magny-Cours cluster

Message-No.: 201606211507
Time: June 23rd, 2016
Affected: Users who want to work on the Magny-Cours cluster
Impact: Magny-Cours cluster shut down

The Magny-Cours cluster (gwdpxxx, np48 nodes) has reached its end of life
after more than 5 years of operation. It will be permanently shut down on
June 23rd, 2016, along with the secondary frontend gwdu106. The gwdpxxx
nodes are currently integrated into the fat queues and therefore most of
you don’t need to make changes to submission scripts. There will be longer
waiting times, but the increase should be very moderate, as the gwdpxxx
nodes represent only a small percentage of our total compute power. New
compute resources will be installed soon.

As usual, you can contact us at support at, if you have any
questions regarding this shutdown.