Maintenance completed: On 25th April from 09:00-05:00 pm we will perform a move of all VMs to a new vCenter

Message-Id: 201904250850
Time: am 25.04.2019, 09 am – 4 pm
Affected: VMware user
Impact: Service available again

Dear Vm-users
The move of all VMs to a new vCenter was successful.
Today we will redirect the DNS-queries to the old URL so you will be able to connect as
usual via our terminal server to
The old vSphere Client is no longer supported and will be removed from wints1.

Quick usage overview of the new web-based vCenter:
After directing your browser to you can choose between a
flash-based or HTML5-based interface.
To connect the console of your VMs we provided you with VMwareRemoteConsole (VMRC) which
is available on wints1. Please click “start Remote Console”, DO NOT USE the web console
which only provides minimal features. After clicking on the remote console, a new tab in
your browser aswell as a separate application will be opened. Zhis application provides
similar user experience as the old client’s console.
Within the next days we will also update our documentation at

Should you encounter any issues please contact