Malfunction: Power Outages (Update)

Message No.: 2016098200030
Time: Aug 20th, 2016 – since about 0:30 a.m.
Affected: Miscellaneous systems
Impact: Malfunctions caused by power outages partially solved

Several power outages during the night of Aug 20th, 2016, caused serious breakdowns in all central GWDG systems. Already during the course of the night troubleshooting started, so that both network and some further services were available again in the early morning hours. During the morning e-mail service and VMware ESX (server virtualization) and a short time later GWDG CloudShare and Aleph were put back into operation. In the late afternoon the SharePoint extranet” for the MPG General Administration was available again.

Unfortunately, Windows and UNIX file services and services based thereon are not yet fully ready. Due to the multiple power outages various disk systems have been damaged. Repair could not be completed until now, so that functionality of storage virtualization, StorNext file systems and file servers can not be restored today. Work will continue as soon as possible. The following systems are currently affected:

  • Unix and Windows group drives and home directories
  • SAN LUNs provided for server of the University and the SUB
  • GWDG Cloud
  • FTP Server
  • about 200 of over 1000 virtual web sites