New default settings for recordings on

Message-Id: 202010221545
Time: 22.10.2020, ab 17 Uhr
Affected: BigBlueButton
Impact: New default room settings

Since October 22nd, 2020, Greenlight offers the option “allow room to be recorded” in its room settings. If this option is not active, it is not possible to record a session. For all previously existing rooms, this setting has been deactivated and has to be manually opted in by the room owner.

You can activate this option both for existing and new rooms.

1. Click on the three dots next to an existing room you want to be able to record and then on “Room Settings” or alternatively click on “Create a Room”.

2. Activate “Allow room to be recorded”

After the option has been set, you can start the room and will be able to record the session with the “Start recording” button. You will not be able to record the session if the room is already opened before you activated this option. In this case, you have to first end the session via the top right menu and then restart it.

If you deactivate “Allow room to be recorded” in the room settings, all previous recordings are kept.
Why is “Allow room to be recorded” in Greenlight ( not active by default?

To process recordings, BigBlueButton technically requires that all sessions are temporarily saved on the server, even if the “Start recording” button has not been pressed. Although GWDG automatically deletes this data after a short period when the button has not been pressed, we aspire to keep personal data collection at a minimum. Thus, GWDG has decided to keep recording as an Opt-In.