Information: Analysis about Group Drive Failure

Message-Id: 201703221500
Time: Mar 16th 2017 11 a.m. till Mar 17th 2017  3 p.m.
Affected: all GWDG Users
Impact: Group Drive Failure

On March 16th at 11 a.m. an inconsistency was detected in file system of the Windows group devices. In order to avoid any data corruption the file service was stopped immediately  by file system management software. It is likely that the inconsistency of the file system was caused by hardware problems on the storage systems.

In order to repair the inconsistency a file system check was absolutely necessary. There were 170,000,000 files over 7,000,000 directories to be checked. During the check several file inconsistencies and also inconsistencies with the directory structure were repaired. So as to be certain about the integrity of the file system it was necessary to perform a re-check of the directories. Finally the quotas were checked. All these steps were taking time.

So the file service for the group devices was available again on March 17th at 3 p.m.

We apologize for any inconvenience.