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 +====== Administration of your virtual webserver ======
 +===== Your webserver =====
 +Your new webserver comes with a custom URL and your own Document-Root,​ where you can store your website'​s data. We also give you access to SFTP. This allows you to place your own html- or php-files to display your website. ​
 +If you want to, you can easily create subfolders to store php-classes,​ images and other files, which are neccessary to run your website.
 +===== User management =====
 +Our webservers are connected to the GWDG-LDAP, which means that you have to use the credentials of your GWDG-userid. You can not use different credentials to access our servers.
 +===== Structure =====
 +All the files you need to use your virtual webserver are stored in your user-folder. ​
 +The path to your document root is ''/​www/<​webservershortname>''​.
 +The absolute path to your files is ''/​web/<​your-useraccount>/​www/<​webservershortname>''​ . Sometimes web-applications ask for this path. Please be informed that you should not enter a different path as absolute path, because your user is not allowed to enter any other directory that is not within the users base directory.
 +Please find your log-files in the ''​logs''​-directory.
 +Each user is able to access his own files for security reasons and gets 3 GB of disk-space by default.
 +The database-server is located on server ''​db1''​. This database-server is not accessible from outside, but your scripts are allowed to access from our webservers. If you are asked to fill in MySQL credentials please use ''​db1''​ as host.