eduroam with iOS

On mobile apple devices eduroam can either be configured using the configuration assistant provided by the DFN or manually. It is recommended to use the configuration assistant since it is faster and easier than the manual configuration.

eduroam CAT

1. After downloading the assistant here the following prompt will appear:

2. Klick on Install to install the profile.

3. Klick on Install again to continue installing the profile.

4. Klick on Install for a third time to continue the installation.

5. Enter your username as described in the Username section of the eduroam article.

6. Enter the according password.

7. After clicking on done your eduroam profile is installed and you can use the eduroam network if it is available.

Manual Configuration

If for some reason the configuration assistant can't be used, it is possible to configure the eduroam profile manually. For a manual configuration the following steps are necessary

1. Go to the menu, choose “Settings” and select “WiFi-settings”.

2. Turn on the “WiFi-” connection if necessary and select the “eduroam” network.

3. Enter your Username and Password.

4. After successful login of your user- data, you have to accept the GWDG certificate.

Now you can connect to eduroam. Iif this does not happen automatically after set-up just click the SSID in the list of available wireless networks to connect.