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-==== Manual CA certificate installation on Android Devices ====  
-Make sure you have set up an Internet connection by going to the Settings under "​Wireless & networks"​ and selecting "​Wi-Fi"​ or "​Mobile data". Please note cellular data may cause additional costs depending on your provider. Once you have established an Internet connection, select Browser App from the menu of your Android device. 
-=== Download certificate ===  
-You can download the current root certificate for „T-Telesec Global Root Class 2“ \\ (valid until Oktober 1, 2033) using following link and then install it on your device: \\ 
-[[https://​pki.pca.dfn.de/​dfn-ca-global-g2/​pub/​cacert/​rootcert.crt | https://​pki.pca.dfn.de/​dfn-ca-global-g2/​pub/​cacert/​rootcert.crt]] ​  \\ 
-A link is also available at [[http://​android.gwdg.de| android.gwdg.de]] in the category "​Schnellzugriff"​ -> "​Root-Zertifikat herunterladen"​. 
-Alternatively,​ you can first download * .crt file to your PC and then transfer the file using e.g. USB cable to your Android device. 
-=== Install certificate ===  
-Now you are ready to install the CA certificate on your device. Go to the download folder in the file manager (Explorer) and tap the certificate file. 
-If you have no screenlock set so far, you will be prompted to set up a trusted screenlock for your device. The system will redirect you to the device'​s security settings for setting up a screenlock. ​ 
-In the "Name the Certificate"​ dialog, you assign a name to the certificate. For the eduroam connection, select **Wi-Fi** or **WLAN**. For apps and VPN connections,​ select **VPN and Apps**. Finally, tap **OK**. 
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​eduroam:​android:​ca_certificate.png?​200 |}} 
-==== CA certificate Installation using Barcode Scanner ==== 
-Select the QR Scanner or Barcode Scanner App from your device. If you do not have a Barcode scanner on your device, you can install it via Play Store. 
-Scan one of the following QR codes and open the detected link in browser. 
-|[[https://​www.pki.dfn.de/​fileadmin/​PKI/​zertifikate/​T-TeleSec_GlobalRoot_Class_2.crt| T-Telesec Global Root Class 2]]| \\ 
-{{:​de:​services:​network_services:​eduroam:​android:​telekom-root-zertifikat.png?​200|}} | 
-Install the certificate file by choosing the name and purpose. After confirming your entries, you will receive a pop-up message indicating that the certificate has been successfully installed.