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DFN videoconference Service

The DFN offers three video conferencing services:

DFNconf - The new Conference Service

The DFNconf service will be available shortly.

Web conferencing service via Adobe Connect

As an alternative to DFNVC video conferences, the DFN also provides a web conferencing service. On the DFN page DFNconf Webkonferenzen select the button “Anmeldung über DFN-AAI” and select your institution on the following website.

You can use the Web conferencing service without prior registration as a meeting organizer. This service uses Adobe flash and enables you to join a video conference with your web browser. This service offers further features like application and data sharing, chat, whiteboard and document exchange.


Prerequisite for using the DFNVC

GWDG users can use the DFN's video conference service DFNVC. Central entry point for DFNVC video conferences is Before you can use the DFNVC service you need to register your videoconferencing devices or software at one of our gatekeeper servers. This is described below (see Registration of video conferencing devices at the GWDG Gatekeeper servers) or check the DFNVC site H.323 prerequisites.

The next step is the reservation of your own video conference number for DFNVC.

Reservation of a video conference number for DFNVC

To establish a videoconference connection to a desired subscriber via DFNVC service you need a so called videoconference number. This number is somthing like a telephone number of your video conference. On the video conference start page you can reserve an ever lasting video conferencing number.

Video conference procedure

A conference starts as soon as the first device connects to the DFN's MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) with the number you have reserved. The other paticipants have to do the same. During a video conference all DFN video conferencing services can be used the DFNVC via Internet portal.

Registration of video conferencing devices at the GWDG Gatekeeper servers

Registering to one of the GWDG's Gateway servers enables you to use the DFNVC service. GWDG has a contract with the DFN to use its service. Therefore GWDG can offer these services to the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society. It is also possible to register directly at the DFN Gatekeeper to use the DFNVC service.

To register your devices at our Gatekeeper you have to set the following values in your device:

  • E.164 number
  • H.323 alias name
  • IP address of one GWDG Gatekeeper server

You get the GWDG Gatekeeper's IP address during the registration process. Please contact for registration.

Examples for E.164 numbers and H.323 aliases

1. Allocation of E.164 numbers

00 49 551 39 0 4467
0049 551 201 0 1552

49 country code for germany
551 prefix for Göttingen
39 respectively 201 Phone numbers taken from the main connection
0 Additional identification as an E.164 number
4467 resp 1552 shunt numbers of the telephones in the video conferencing rooms

2. Allocation of H.323 aliases for better identifcation


goe City
gwdg respectively uzpr shorthand symbol of the institute
maier respectively konferenzraum Name or location

Dialling into a videoconference via phone


To participate in a videoconference via phone DFNVC Service offers an additional phone number to call in. This number supports up to 160 concurrent phone calls, however the number of simultaneous participants in one conference is limited to 40 phone calls. Dialing this number will cost a normal phone call to Germany. If your phone is serviced by DFNTelephony, the call will be free of any additional charge. This is also valid for mobile phone numbers within the frame contract between DFN and T-Mobile.

Dialling into a videoconference via phone

Dialling into a videoconference takes place via direct call. Dial the following gateway number followed by the conference_id.

030-200 conference_id

Pressing *6 mutes your phone. Pressing *6 again unmutes your phone.

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