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 +====== GWDG's Software Center ======
 +GWDG has commissioned the [[http://​www.asknet.de|asknet AG]] in Karlsruhe to distribute the software for which the GWDG concluded Campus or collective licensing agreements over the Internet. The company has set up a website called **Software-Portal Niedersachsen für Forschung und Lehre** for GWDG and the state of Lower Saxony, which is to be found at [[https://​gwdg.asknet.de]].
 +Furthermore,​ not only the licenses, but also the software itself and the associated documentation can be obtained as a downloadable product or on a disk. For the distribution,​ it is necessary to permit the asknet server to use cookies.
 +In order to use the Software Center a registration is required initially. You can choose your own login name and password, then a personal customer code ("​Kundenschlüssel"​) is assigned by the asknet AG. The registration form must be sent by post to asknet. Students must attach a certificate of enrollment. Thereafter, the account is activated.
 +Before using the Software Center you must login with your login name and password. Orders may then be carried out using your personal customer code.
 +===== Software available at the Software Center =====
 +If you look for specific software which is noch yet mentioned on our web site, please contact us.