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 +====== EndNote campus license ======
 +===== EndNote campus license for the University of Göttingen =====
 +Since 01.03.2011 the GWDG finances a site license for [[http://​endnote.com|Clarivate Analytics EndNote]]. It can be purchased at a reduced price by employees and students of the University of Göttingen. The license is available for the operating systems Windows and Apple Macintosh exclusively in English.
 +===== Terms of Licenses =====
 +A purchased license may only be installed on one computer. One copy on your home PC is allowed. The software can be used as long as the campus license is valid. A termination of this agreement is currently not planned. New software versions have to be purchased again. The software may not be resold, rented, loaned or leased.
 +===== Prices =====
 +The price for an EndNote single-user license currently stands at € 168 plus VAT.
 +===== Orders =====
 +Orders for EndNote should be sent by email to the address [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=Ordering EndNote license|support@gwdg.de]] with the subject "​Ordering EndNote license"​. Please indicate the number of licenses required, the operating system and the billing address. To prove your affiliation to the University of Göttingen you have to use a valid e-mail address of the university.
 +After receipt of the order the GWDG will send you the software and the invoice for the total amount.
 +==== Support =====
 +Technical support for Endnote is available from Clarivate Analytics: https://​support.clarivate.com/​Endnote/​