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    * in the [[http://​aleph.mpg.de/​F?​func=file&​file_name=find-b&​local_base=ZDB01&​con_lng=eng | Max Planck Society Journal Index]]    * in the [[http://​aleph.mpg.de/​F?​func=file&​file_name=find-b&​local_base=ZDB01&​con_lng=eng | Max Planck Society Journal Index]]
    * in the  [[http://​dispatch.opac.dnb.de/​DB=1.1//​LNG=EN | Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)]]    * in the  [[http://​dispatch.opac.dnb.de/​DB=1.1//​LNG=EN | Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)]]
-     ​* ​ [[http://dispatch.opac.dnb.de/DB=1.1/​SET=1/​TTL=3/​CMD?ACT=SRCHA&IKT=8502&​SRT=LST_ty&​TRM=G%F6+168/​LNG=EN/ ​Direct search for journals with holdings at GWDG]]+     ​* ​ [[http://zdb-katalog.de/list.xhtml?key=cql&t=isl=DE-Goe168  ​Liste of journals with holdings at GWDG]]