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Cryptpad will be decommissioned from October 1, 2019. Please save your data to another location, e.g. GWDG Pad or GWDG Owncloud.

Cryptpad is a web application that allows users to create, edit and collaborate on documents in real time. It can by accessed via All data and information that you create during the usage is encrypted and the documents can only be access by the person(s) who has (have) a link to it. Apart from usual text documents cryptpad also supports Markdown/Code documents, presentations, polls and a whiteboard.

Account for Cryptpad

To receive permanent access to your documents from all your devices, we recommend to create a user account specifically for Cryptpad. Cryptpad cannot be connected to GWDGs identity management, so, unfortunately, you cannot use your usual account but need to create a new one. Information on these cryptpad accounts are also stored in an encrypted fashion and, therefore, cannot be linked to a user. In order to create a new account, select 'Register' in the menu on the top right and choose a user name and a password. From now on, you can access all data linked to your account from any device.

Warning: If you do not save your documents from within a registered account, they will be deleted automatically after 3 months!

Further Information

Some other questions are also answered in the FAQs. In case of further difficulties or uncertainties please contact the support via mail at

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