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-==== Account for Cryptpad ==== 
-To receive permanent access to your documents from all your devices, we recommend to create a user account specifically for Cryptpad. Cryptpad cannot be connected to GWDGs identity management, so, unfortunately,​ you cannot use your usual account but need to create a new one. 
-Information on these cryptpad accounts are also stored in an encrypted fashion and, therefore, cannot be linked to a user. 
-In order to create a new account, select '​Register'​ in the menu on the top right and choose a user name and a password. From now on, you can access all data linked to your account from any device. 
-**Warning:​** If you do not save your documents from within a registered account, they will be deleted automatically after 3 months! 
-==== Further Information ==== 
-Some other questions are also answered in the  [[https://​cryptpad-temp.gwdg.de/​faq.html|FAQs]]. 
-In case of further difficulties or uncertainties please contact the support via mail at support@gwdg.de.