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 +===== STATISTICA =====
 +According to a campus license (bought from some institutes of the university and GWDG) all members and students of the University of Göttingen can use software package STATISTICA from [[http://​www.statsoft.de/​|StatSoft]] (now a subsidiary of arondIT GmbH) free of charge for their work or studies.\\
 +STATISTICA 13.3 is runnable at 32 and 64 bit MS-Windows operating sytems as follows: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2. Even in case of a 32 bit Windows operating system, the installation of the 64 bit version is recommended because of the better memory management.\\
 +If a group of computers or an institute altogether will use STATISTICA please contact [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=STATISTICA|support@gwdg.de subject: STATISTICA]].\\
 +==== Download and Order of License Keys ====
 +**Zip files to install [[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​statistica/​TIB_stat_13.3.1_win.zip|STATISTICA 13.3.1]]**, ​ **[[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​statistica/​TIB_stat_13.4.0_win.zip|STATISTICA 13.4.0]]** and **[[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​statistica/​TIB_stat_13.5.0_win.zip|STATISTICA 13.5.0]]** (all in English) or **[[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​statistica/​TIB_stat-DE_13.3.1_win.zip|STATISTICA 13.3.1]]** (in German) are available if your computer has an IP address in the GÖNET (Range 134.76.*.*). If you have an IP address outside this range (e. g. at home), please connect before download via [[https://​webvpn.gwdg.de/​+CSCOE+/​logon.html?​fcadbadd=1|Web-VPN]] (or using an previously installed [[en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect|VPN-Client]]) to GWDG, to get temporarily an IP address in the GÖNET.\\
 +For renew a license you need an ACCESS code, for a new installation you need a product key, an install code, and a serial number. Ask the helpdesk team ([[support@gwdg.de?​subject=STATISTICA-Lizenzen|support@gwdg.de subject: STATISTICA-Lizenzen]]) and you will receive your keys per e-mail. This e-mail will also tell you whether renew of license period is possible for your version or if you had to install the newest version.\\
 +An **update of the software** from 13.3.0 to 13.3.1 is carried out like a new installation,​ whereby the old version is not deleted before of course. It is not necessary to enter a license key.\\
 +For **renew of license** period see a continuously illustrated manual (in German) described {{:​de:​services:​application_services:​statistics_programs:​lizenz-update_13.3.0_deutsch_win7.pdf|here}} using version 13.3.0 as an example. \\
 +Installation of Statistica 13.3.1 on Win10 (64 bit) with all screenshots included is described (in German) {{:​de:​services:​application_services:​statistics_programs:​installationsanleitung_13.3.1_deutsch.pdf|here}}.\\
 +**Please pay attention:​**\\
 +1. In case of  a new installation it is essential to remove an old installation before installing a new one!\\
 +2. During installation process you must type in your email address ending with "​uni-goettingen.de"​ or "​gwdg.de"​! Validation of license use is checked using this email address by licensor StatSoft or TEPCO, resp.. Using another kind of email address will abort the installation process!\\
 +==== STATISTICA installation at GWDG ====
 +STATISTICA can be used at workstations in our data center and remotely (after registration!) on Windows terminal server. If interest in using STATISTICA at our hardware send an email to [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=STATISTICA|support@gwdg.de subject: STATISTICA]].
 +==== STATISTICA license server ====
 +A GWDG license server of 255 license seats of STATISTICA (in German only!), lic-statistica.gwdg.de (IP address,​ can be connected either by 32 bit or 64 bit Windows clients. To use this license server __STATISTICA must be **new** installed via this server__. For this use a network drive connection in your Explorer to the **\\lic-statistica2.gwdg.de\statistica13** Subdirectory,​ "​Workstation Installer 32" or "​Workstation Installer 64" resp. contains the corresponding setup program ("​setup.exe"​). If installation is done STATISTICA is ready to run without further licensing.\\