According to a campus license (bought from some institutes of the university and GWDG) all members and students of the University of Göttingen can use software package STATISTICA from StatSoft (now a subsidiary of arondIT GmbH) free of charge for their work or studies.
STATISTICA 13.3 is runnable at 32 and 64 bit MS-Windows operating sytems as follows: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2. Even in case of a 32 bit Windows operating system, the installation of the 64 bit version is recommended because of the better memory management.
If a group of computers or an institute altogether will use STATISTICA please contact subject: STATISTICA.

Download and Order of License Keys

Zip files to install STATISTICA 13.3.1, STATISTICA 13.4.0 and STATISTICA 13.5.0 (all in English) or STATISTICA 13.3.1 (in German) are available if your computer has an IP address in the GÖNET (Range 134.76.*.*). If you have an IP address outside this range (e. g. at home), please connect before download via Web-VPN (or using an previously installed VPN-Client) to GWDG, to get temporarily an IP address in the GÖNET.
For renew a license you need an ACCESS code, for a new installation you need a product key, an install code, and a serial number. Ask the helpdesk team ( subject: STATISTICA-Lizenzen) and you will receive your keys per e-mail. This e-mail will also tell you whether renew of license period is possible for your version or if you had to install the newest version.
An update of the software from 13.3.0 to 13.3.1 is carried out like a new installation, whereby the old version is not deleted before of course. It is not necessary to enter a license key.
For renew of license period see a continuously illustrated manual (in German) described here using version 13.3.0 as an example.
Installation of Statistica 13.3.1 on Win10 (64 bit) with all screenshots included is described (in German) here.
Please pay attention:
1. In case of a new installation it is essential to remove an old installation before installing a new one!
2. During installation process you must type in your email address ending with “” or “”! Validation of license use is checked using this email address by licensor StatSoft or TEPCO, resp.. Using another kind of email address will abort the installation process!

STATISTICA installation at GWDG

STATISTICA can be used at workstations in our data center and remotely (after registration!) on Windows terminal server. If interest in using STATISTICA at our hardware send an email to subject: STATISTICA.

STATISTICA license server

A GWDG license server of 255 license seats of STATISTICA (in German only!), (IP address, can be connected either by 32 bit or 64 bit Windows clients. To use this license server STATISTICA must be new installed via this server. For this use a network drive connection in your Explorer to the \\\statistica13 Subdirectory, “Workstation Installer 32” or “Workstation Installer 64” resp. contains the corresponding setup program (“setup.exe”). If installation is done STATISTICA is ready to run without further licensing.

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