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 +====== Oracle ​ ======
 +GWDG operates an Oracle Enterprise database server vers. 11gR2.\\ ​
 +You get your own oracle account (“schema“) and can create the required database objects (tables, views, etc.). On request, we will assist you in designing tables and developing application programs.\\
 +Use our Oracle web server for your database-centric web applications.\\
 +With Oracle Application Express (APEX) you can develop and deploy web-based applications using only a web browser. Your web-applications will be accessible via the Oracle web server.
 +===== Preconditions for Use =====
 +The service is available to all institutes of the University of Göttingen and to all Max Planck Institutes.\\
 +Setting up an account in the Oracle database is carried out at request.\\
 +To perform database projects, it may be required that you need to install special software. Suitable software is provided by Oracle for free: “Oracle Instant Client“ for the network connection; “Oracle SQL Developer“ and “Oracle JDeveloper“ for development work.\\
 +Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy web-applications with Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), a database-centric development tool.
 +For email requests send a mail to <​support@gwdg.de>​