Bioinformatics Programs

If you are seeking access to proteomics analysing software like MASCOT (mass-spectroscopic based proteome research) and Delta 2D (2D evaluation of gel-electrophoresis), or to sequence analysis software in general with more over 100 tools or if you are using data of Next Generation Sequencing technology and you do not have the necessary computing power and storage options, we can offer you access to the desired software (currently more over 20 NGS tools) on our high-performance bioinformatics dialog server or our batch system of our HPC cluster.
A precondition for use of our compute server is a GWDG account, and in case of HPC cluster a special registration additionally. Only few Linux basics are required in both cases.
Additionally we can support you in getting special databases. Currently we serve some work groups from the University of Göttingen with KEGG databases.
For demands across institutions we operate license servers, e. g. for Geneious Pro and Delta2D.

If you need help by using a special program or tool, please let us know how we can help you.
Don't hesitate to contact us by