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 +====== How to manage files with the client software ======
 +To transfer large files or a large number of files it is recommended to use the client software. Additionally the client can watch your files for changes and upload them to the service in the background or receive changes. This way your files are always up-to-date on the service and your connected devices running the client.
 +Client downloads and [[en:​services:​storage_services:​own_cloud:​4_client_installation|installation information]] is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and mobile plattforms.
 +The following describes using the Windows, OS X and Linux client.
 +===== First steps =====
 +After installation a wizard will help you to complete the setup: ​
 +  * server address (https://​owncloud.gwdg.de)
 +  * credentials (your emailaddress and password)
 +  * what to sync and where to put your files on your computer.
 +Your owncloud folder is now getting saved to your device and will be updated as long as the client is running.
 +===== Stop synchronization and delete folder =====
 +  - To stop synchronization a folder or subfolder first click the big cloud icon to expand the folder list, then unselect the checkbox in front of the respective folder.
 +  - The folder will be deleted after confirming the warning. This does not affect data stored remotely.
 +  ​
 +===== Sharing content =====
 +Options to share content or change and remove access to it are integrated into the file manager: Finder on Mac OS X, Explorer on Windows, Caja, Nautilus and Nemo on Linux (Linux users must install the matching plugin). Right-click the file or folder you want to share and click "Share with ownCloud"​. The "Share with ownCloud"​ dialog has the same options as the web interface. You can see who you have shared this item with, modify their permissions,​ delete the share, share via a link and set an expiry date or a password for the link.