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-====== How to manage files with the client software ====== 
-To transfer large files or a large number of files it is recommended to use the [[en:​services:​storage_services:​gwdg_cloud_share:​client_installation|client software]]. Additionally the client can watch your files for changes and upload them to the service in the background or receive changes. This way your files are always up-to-date on the service and your connected devices running the client. ​ 
-Client downloads and [[en:​services:​storage_services:​gwdg_cloud_share:​client_installation|installation information]] is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. 
-===== First steps ===== 
-  - **Configure user account**: When starting the client for the first time after installation no user name is set and the client cannot connect to the service. The client can be accessed though the white symbol in the tray area next to the clock or through a list of running applications. Bring up the client application and click on "No user account configured",​ enter your Email as the username and your password and log in. 
-  - **Synchronize folders to your device**: If your account already has access to some folders (your own or that you have been given access to) they will be listed with a grey icon. Clicking on it will prompt for a location on your device to save and synchronize the folder to. The default location is the "​PowerFolders"​ directory under your user home directory. Accept or change the path (it needs to be writeable for your user) and click "​Next"​ and then "​Finish"​. The folder is now getting saved to your device and  will be updated as long as the client is running. 
-  - **Set up new folders**: If your account has no folders and you want to synchronize an existing directory on your device with the client click on the arrow next to "Start synchronizing your files",​ select your folder and click "​Next"​ and "​Finish"​. The folder is now getting saved to your device and  will be updated as long as the client is running. 
-===== Creating folders, uploading files ===== 
-  - Click on "​Create Folder"​ on the client application and select an existing directory from your device. You can also create a new directory under the currently selected directory. Click "​OK"​ and "​Finish"​ to create the folder and have the client synchronize it. 
-  - The client will now watch the directory for changes and upload them to the service. 
-===== Synchronize existing folder to your device ===== 
-  - If the list with folders is not displayed click on "Show folders"​. 
-  - Click on any grey folder in the folder list to set it up for synchronization on your local device. 
-  - Choose the local directory to save the contents of this folder to. Click "​Next"​ and "​Finish"​ to complete. "​Explore"​ will open the local directory and "​Invite"​ opens the dialogue to share the folder with others. 
-  - The client will now start to download the contents of the folder from the server to your device and watch the folder for changes to transmit and receive. 
-===== Stop synchronization and delete folder ===== 
-  - To stop synchronization of a folder right-click it and select "Stop sync". Deleting the file archive and meta-data is optional and recommended if this directory is going to be published, uploaded somewhere or handed to someone or otherwise not intended to be a folder managed by the service again. The actual data in the folder remains unchanged. 
-  - Click "Stop sync" to stop synchronisation of the folder to your device. The data remains at the folders location on your device but changes will not be uploaded or received anymore. 
-  - To actually delete the folder from the service right-click it again and select "Leave folder"​. The folder will be deleted after confirming the warning and disappear from the folder list. This does not affect data stored locally on your device. 
-===== Sharing content ===== 
-  - To share a folder via the client application make sure that it is set up for synchronisation. 
-  - Right-click on the folder and click "​Invite"​. 
-  - Enter an email address that you want to share the folder with and click the "​+"​ symbol next to it. Repeat for all email addresses that are to be invited. 
-  - Select the permissions under which the folder is to be shared. 
-  - Click "​Next"​ and "​Finish"​ after the invitations have been sent. All invitees receive an Email with instructions on how to access your content. 
-==== Manage shared content ==== 
-More options to share content and remove access is available at https://​cloudshare.gwd.de. Log on with the same account used for the client application and see [[en:​services:​storage_services:​gwdg_cloud_share:​use_browser|How to manage files with a browser]] for more information.