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Common Errorcodes


KEY = 06

“KEY = 06” means “Unit Attention”

in relation with

ASC/ASQ Meaning Source
ASC=2A, ASCQ=03 SCSI reservation error because several TSM instances use the same persisten name
ASC=29 , ASCQ=00 “Power-on, reset, bus reset”



ANR8460E AUDIT LIBRARY process for library <Library Name> failed.
in combination with possible reason solution
ANR9024E There are no drives available. a drive is not availble check drives and make all available


error number 2

PVRRC Meaning Source Solution
2843 unable to access gripper device restart Lintape daemon or Wintape service

error number 11

PVRRC Meaning Source Solution
2845 Unable to open device <DEVICE> audit library failed after drives / paths got unavailable scsi information mismatch:
* reboot server
* reboot library
* force rescan scsi bus on device layer
* check if the lintape driver is running ;-)


 ANR 8779E Unable to open drive <NAME>, error number= 2

in combination with


ANR1401W Mount request denied for volume <NAME> - mount failed.

Possible Reasons:

  • SCSI connection lost on Library Client:
    • Solution: rescan the SCSI bus:
      ⇒ run as root:
  • Persitent Naming fails due to an temporary SCSI-Error
    • Solution: let the udev daemon reload the rules:
      ⇒ run as root: udevadm trigger