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-===== Hardware Recomendations===== 
-A typical for professional use in a scientific institute workplace computer has at least following hardware components: 
-^ ^ ^ Windows 7 or Windows 10^ 
-|Processor:​|Intel Pentium| 
-|Processor clock rate:|2 GHz - 3 GHz| 
-|System clock rate:|800 MHz| 
-|Memory: |1 GB - 2 GB SDRAM| 
-|Hard disc: |SATA 80 GB - 160 GB| 
-|Network card |mit PXE-Boot-Fähigkeit| 
-===== Framework agreement with Dell =====  
-The University of Göttingen has a framework agreement with Dell company, which allows obtaining of the computer hardware on special conditions.  ​ 
-More information about the Dell agreement can be found [[de:​services:​it_consulting:​hardware_purchase:​start#​Dell-Rahmenvertrag mit der Universität Göttingen| here]]