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-====== Windows workstations ====== 
-The GWDG recommends the use of the computers Within the Active Directory so that we can guarantee 
-  *  optimum safety, 
-  *  best use of the resources provided by the data center and 
-  *  best possible support provided by the GWDG in case of problems. 
-[[en:​services:​network_services:​active_directory:​start|Information about the Active Directory GWDG]] 
-===== The standard Windows workstation ===== 
-  *  Hardware Recomendations 
-  *  Software Recomendations 
-If you want to set up a Workstation,​ you will find a description of the setup and configuration of the operating system for a standard Windows workstation. 
-  *  Windows workstation to institute staff in Active Directory 
-You can also instruct the GWDG to realize on a newly purchased or already in operation personal computer, the features of a standard workstation. You provide the PC operating system setup in the laboratory of GWDG (on request) and an employee of GWDG takes the configured computer at work in your presence into operation. A prerequisite is that you have the necessary software licenses. 
-If you already use a pre-installed Windows computer, you have the possibility to perform the migration of the computer and then your user profile. Have you ever had occasion to account in Active Directory in the domain "​GWDG",​ you already have a user profile which is, however, deviate from the computer located on your in AD. 
-  *  [[Migration of the computer|Migration of Computer]] 
-  *  Migration of the user profile 
-The technical terms appearing on the Windows side are explained in a glossary.