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-===== RA operators Web pages ===== 
-<WRAP center round alert 60%> 
-<wrap em>​!!!Obsolete!!!</​wrap> ​ 
-<wrap hi>​Please use  [[en:​services:​it_security:​pki:​raoperator#​java_program_guira_launch_of_website|GUIRA]] as described above</​wrap>​ 
-Link to the respective RAs. Registration is done only with valid RA Administrator certificate 
-  * [[https://​ra.pca.dfn.de/​mpg-ca/​ra|MPG RA operators]] 
-  * [[https://​ra.pca.dfn.de/​uni-goettingen-ca/​ra|Universität Göttingen RA operators]] 
-  * [[https://​ra.pca.dfn.de/​gwdg-ca/​ra|GWDG RA operators]] 
-</​WRAP> ​