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 +====== Current Phishing-E-Mails ======
 +The German version ([[de:​services:​it_security:​current_phishing-emails:​start|here]]) of this page contains a list which gives an overview over the phishing e-mails currently known to us with a fake reference to the GWDG, the University of Göttingen or the MPG. Generally, many more phishing e-mails circulate that have no relation to the mentioned facilities.
 +<WRAP center round important 100%>
 +Please don't follow any links included in those e-mails and please never enter user credentials (username and password) on websites called up by the links. If you have already done so for your GWDG user or e-mail account, please change your password immediately in our customer portal https://​www.gwdg.de. For more information about phishing e-mails, please look at our [[https://​www.gwdg.de/​support/​security-instructions|security instructions]] and at a comprehensive [[https://​info.gwdg.de/​news/​en/​information-warning-about-phishing-e-mails-for-gwdg-users/​]].