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 +====== Apple Consulting Center ======
 +The Mac Help Team was founded in June 1999. One dedicated position and two assistants are the contact persons for any questions concerning Apple products for affiliates of Göttingen University and the institutes of the Max Planck Society.
 +===== Service =====
 +An overview of our services around the Mac.
 +[[mac_service|Click here for details]]
 +===== E-Mail =====
 +Here you can find help with the configuration of Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.
 +[[mac_email|Click here for details]]
 +===== Internet & Network =====
 +Help with various GWDG services around internet and network.
 +[[mac_network|Click here for details]]
 +===== Printing =====
 +All about printing using a GWDG account and printers.
 +[[mac_printing|Click here for details]]
 +===== Apple on Campus =====
 +^ Important Information ​     ^ 
 +| Apple will end the Apple on Campus program and will close the AoC store on May 16th, 2017. Students and faculty members are still eligible to education pricing: from the [[https://​www.apple.com/​de-edu/​shop|Apple Store for Education]],​ via telephone (0800 2000 136) or in local Apple Stores. |