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 +====== Internet and Network ======
 +Information on various services concerning internet and network provided by the GWDG.
 +===== Mobile Internet Access =====
 +For staff and students of Göttingen University and the Max Planck Institute, wireless internet access is available. How to connect to the network is described here.
 +[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_wlan|Click here for details]]
 +===== Setup of a VPN connection =====
 +Using VPN, an encrypted connection can be established using GoeMobile, a wired network within the GÖNET, or from an external network.
 +[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_vpn|Click here for details]]
 +===== Access to GWDG Fileservers =====
 +With a GWDG user account, there are two fileservers available, which you can connect to in various ways.
 +[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_fileserver|Click here for details]]
 +===== Setup of jabber.gwdg.de =====
 +Jabber is an instant messaging service which allows the exchange of text messages and files. There are a variety of providers for Jabber accounts; a jabber account is included with a GWDG user account.
 +[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_network:​mac_jabber |Click here for details]]