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 +===== Special large format printer queues =====
 +In contrast to all other queues, the queues zcixls61, zcixls61, bcixls79, gcixls13, mcixls79 and pcixls13 are not equipped with the GWDGPS driver. There the "HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver PS3(v5.9.0)"​ is used. This driver offers more setting options and is therefore only intended for experienced users.
 +This driver offers a variety of predefined page formats in its print settings under Paper/​Quality → Paper Options → Document Format → Other... (including B4 (ISO) to B0 (ISO), the US architect format Arch A to Arch E, JIS B4 to B0). You can also define your own page formats.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​en01.png |}}
 +In the following, the queue zcixls61 is used to show how to define your own paper size (in this example 700×1000 mm). First connect the printer \\gwdg-print3.gwdg.de\zcixls61 and then have a look at the print settings.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​en02.png |}}
 +First of all, please check whether your print settings correspond to those in the above screenshot and adjust them if necessary. It is very important that "Use printer settings"​ is selected for "Paper source"​ and "Paper type". The "Quick sets" should be set to "​Factory defaults"​. In the next step under "​Document Format",​ click on "​Custom..."​ to create a new paper size.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​en03.png |}}
 +Select millimeters as the unit of measurement and enter 700 for width and 1000 for height under "​Format"​. Please note that new paper formats must always be created in portrait format. This also applies if you want to print in landscape format. The page format must not be wider than 1060 mm (even if the above window says otherwise). The paper roll used is only 42 inches wide (corresponding to 1067 mm), from which 7 mm of unprintable margin must be subtracted. Now give your paper format a meaningful name (e.g. 700x1000mm). When you are finished, click "​Save"​ and then "​OK"​ to return to the print settings.
 +If you click on "Paper Options ​ -> Margins/​Cutter:​ -> Settings...",​ you can determine how the print margins should be handled.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​en04.png |}}
 +We recommend that you select "​Oversize"​ as the "​Margin arrangement"​. This means that your printout will really be 700 x 1000 mm. At "​Adjust"​ please activate "Draw cutting lines"​. Then a thin, dashed frame is drawn around the image. This frame will be helpful when cutting the image (especially for posters with white background). Then click on "​OK"​.
 +Now the print settings will show "​Printed on 700.00 x 1000.00 mm + margins"​.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​en05.png |}}
 +Click on "​OK"​ or "​Apply"​ to apply these settings.