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 ====== Print Server ====== ====== Print Server ======
-The following ​article describes how to connect to one of our printers ​via gwdg-print.gwdg.de. +This article describes how to connect ​a Windows 10 PC to a [[en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​standard_printing:​start|printer queue provided by the GWDG]] ​via gwdg-print3.gwdg.de. ​gwdg-print3 is a server with Windows ​2019 as its operating systemWe recommend gwdg-print3 to users who are setting up a GWDG printer queue for the first time (e.g. on a new PC). If you have already set up GWDG printer queues using the old gwdg-print, there will be no change for you because these old printer queues will continue to work.
-===== Usage on Windows ​8.1 Computers in GWDG's Active Directory ===== +
-Move the mouse pointer to the upper right corner of your monitor so that the charms bar appears and select "​Settings"​\\ +
-Select "​Control Panel" ​in the settings menu\\ +If you would like to set up a printer which is located ​in your office or institute, please have a look at 
-{{:​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​03_capture_009_25032015_144547.jpg?​600}}+[[https://​info.gwdg.de/​docs/​doku.php?​id=en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​start#​zentral_verwaltete_institutsdrucker|Centrally managed institution printers]] 
 +===== Howto install a GWDG printer queue on a Windows 10 Computer in GWDG's Active Directory =====
-Now select ​"View devices ​and printers" in the "Hardware ​and sound" ​category.\\ +Click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner to open the Start menu. Then click on the small "​gear"​ to get to the settings.\\ 
 +Now click on "Devices"​\\ 
 +and next on "​Printers and scanners" in the left column.\\ 
 +Click on "Add a printer or scanner"​.\\ 
 +Now, Windows is looking for new printers. But this won't be successfull here. So click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"​.\\ 
 +In the next step, Windows offers you to "Find a printer by other options"​. Choose "​Select a shared printer by name". As an example we want to add a printer called "​color"​ on gwdg-print3. So please enter  
 +in the text field and click on "Next".\\ 
 +Windows is downloading the printerdriver from gwdg-print3 now. When this ist done, click on "​Next"​\\ 
 +You can now print a testpage if you want. In the next step click on "​Finish"​.\\ 
-Select "​Add ​a printer"​.\\ +Now you can see new printer as “color on gwdg-print3.gwdg.de”.\\ 
-{{:​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​05_capture_013_25032015_145024.jpg?600}}+When the printer setup is done, it is good idea to check which printer ​is the default printer now. Windows very often sets a new printer as the default printer. That's not always what you want. So it is a good idea to uncheck the box labled ​"Let Windows manage my default printer",​\\ 
 + ​Select the printer that you want as your default printer, click on "​Manage" ​\\ 
 +and then on "Set as default"​.\\ 
 +===== Howto install a GWDG printer queue on a Windows 10 Computer that is not in GWDG's Active Directory =====
-Now Windows ​is looking ​for printers in your networkCancel this searching procedure by clicking ​on "the printer ​that I want isn't listed" ​\\ +The procedure ​is generally the same as [[https://​info.gwdg.de/​docs/​doku.php?​id=en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​start#​usage_on_windows_10_computers_in_gwdg_s_active_directory| described above]]. 
 +If your computer is not a member of our Active Directory, Windows will ask for your user name and password when you try to connect to the print serverEnter gwdg\<​YOUR_GWDG_ACCOUNT>​ as user name (e.g.: gwdg\tgwd1) and your password. Klick on "Remember my password"​. Otherwise ​the printer ​you have just installed will not work after your next login.\\ 
-Windows asks you to find a printer by other options now. Select "​Select a shared printer by name" and enter <​code>​\\gwdg-print.gwdg.de\<​NAME_OF_THE_PRINTER_QUEUE_YOU_WANT></​code>​ E.g: if you want to connect to the standard queue then enter <​code>​\\gwdg-print.gwdg.de\standard</​code>​. Click "​Next"​ to continue 
-{{:​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​08_capture_015_25032015_145134.jpg?​600}}+=====Troubleshooting =====
-Windows installs ​the printer driver automaticallyThis might take some time. After the installation is compleatedyou get the notification "​You'​ve successfully added standard on gwdg-print.gwdg.de"​. ​you can print a test page now if you want. +==== Printjob to large ==== 
-{{:​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​11_capture_019_25032015_150054.jpg?600}}+Our printserver uses the so called Line Printer Daemon Protocol to transmit print jobsInternally, the size of a print job is stored as a 32-bit integer variableWith 32 bit integer ​you can only "​count"​ up to 2GB. Larger ​print jobs might block the queue or produce an empty page. The only thing that helps is to delete the print job and reprint it in a lower resolution or split it into seperate documents.
-Usually you get a notification that a test page has been sent to your printer.\\ +==== My printer ​is not shown ==== 
-{{:en:services:general_services:print_scan_services:print_server:​12_capture_020_25032015_150108.jpg?​600}}+Sometimes Windows 10 does not show all the installed printers on your PC. In this case press the winows key and "​R"​ at the same time to run a commandEnter\\ 
-You get an e-mail notification from our printserver if your print job has been accepted. +{{:​en:​services:​general_services:​print_scan_services:​print_server:​win10-drucken_engl_13.png|}}\\
-===== Usage on Windows 8.1 from non Active Directory computers ===== +and click on "​OK"​ and restart your PC if necessary.\\
-The procedure is generally the same as [[#​usage_on_windows_81_computers_in_gwdg_s_active_directory | described above]].+
-If your computer is not a member of our Active Directory, Windows will ask for your user name and password when you try to connect to the print server. Enter gwdg\<​YOUR_GWDG_ACCOUNT>​ as user name (e.g.: gwdg\unolte) and your password. Klick on "​Remember my password"​. Otherwise the printer you have just installed will not work after your next login. +----
-=====Troubleshooting ===== 
-On some Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 computers you get an error message when you try to install a printer from \\gwdg-print. 
-Follow these steps to solve this Problem:\\ 
-Log in with administrator previliges \\ 
-Run the command regedit.exe \\ 
-Locate or create the branch [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers] \\ 
-Create a new DWORD called ForceCSREMFDespooling and set it to 0 \\ 
-or \\ 
-[[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​Win8_printer.reg|download this registry file]] and import it by double clicking. 
-Restart your computer. 
- Now you should be able to install one of our printers.