Logging in to a SharePoint 2013 SiteCollection

For the log in to a SharePoint 2013 site Collection the same Login information is required as for Active-Directory. For users already logged in to an Active Directory when accessing the SharePoint 2013 site it is not necessary to log in again. Instead, the New Technology LAN manager protocol (NTLM) can be used. NTLM is one standard developed by Microsoft that once configured takes over automatic registration in selected systems.

The users who logged in in the Active-Directory use this standard already automatically for authentification within the GWDG network, with no changes by user are necessary. As a rule this is also valid for the registration in the SharePoint 2013.

If the automatic registration in the SharePoint 2013 does not work probperly the settings can be carried out by hand. The NTLM protocol is supported by most browsers. Nevertheless, according to browser the configuration differs.

Please find the settings instruction for your browser Configuration of different browsers for SharePoint 2013

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