Configuration of different browsers for SharePoint 2013

Microsoft Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer choose from the Tools menu → Internet OptionsSecurityLocal intranet.

Two changes must be done in SitesAdvancedAdd First you have to add SharePoint URLs to the list of intranet sites. Second the intranet security zone settings are to be adjusted. For User Authentication choose automatic logon. This setting is not mandatory, since this is the system default. Only if there are problems, these settings should be checked.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome uses the Windows Internet Options to determine the defined as intranet sites. So here the same settings as Internet Explorer need to be made.

Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, the configuration menu can be opened by about in the address line: 'config' is entered. Subsequently, the parameter network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris can be edited by doubleclick. In the field a series of URLs can be entered (e.g.,, which will use NTML protocol. Individual URLs must be separated by a comma.

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