Universities of Lower Saxonia and Bremen sign an “enterprise contract” (which must be yearly renewed) with SPSS Inc. (in the meantime a subsidiary of IBM) in 2007 to get maintenance. So-called “An-Institutes” (e.g. Institut für Zuckerrübenforschung an der Universität Göttingen), teaching hospitals and students have also been integrated into this contract since August 1, 2018 and are therefore entitled to acquire the software SPSS.

Modules, Operating systems, Languages

Now all available modules of SPSS are licensed:
IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Campus Edition
IBM SPSS Amos Campus Edition
IBM SPSS Data Entry Premium Campus Edition
For more detailed information of the features of this modules see here (flag “products”).

The following operating systems are licensed and supported:
MS Windows (Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and all server platforms)
Apple OS X (10.10 - 10.15)
Linux (several versions of RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu)

Not all modules are runable on listed operating systems for details see web page above. Languages English and German are now available.
Furthermore SPSS (incl. AMOS) is installed on our Windows 2016 compute server “GWD-WinTSBio.top.gwdg.de” (48 Cores, 96 GB RAM). The latter can be accessed remotely from any Windows or Macintosh computer within the GoeNET. The computer server can be used not only with a valid GWDG account, but also with a student account (but only in the context of courses or of master and bachelor theses).
A special registration is mandatory in all cases. If you are interested, please contact support@gwdg.de.

Terms und Conditions of the License Contract

SPSS is licensed for research and educational purposes only. For research the usage is licensed for students and professors. But none of the following is permitted:

  • research or publish results in commercial applications
  • commercial consulting and support
  • training and education of persons which can not be enduser as defined by this contract
  • research for third party people as service, for money, or by instruction of this third party
  • any commercial use like leasing or hosting


For the installation of SPSS you will find useful information here:
network licenseauthorized user license (= single user license) (V 23.0) screenshots of Windows installation (V 25.0, German)
GWDG delivers single user licenses and network licenses.


The GWDG offer for beginners and advanced user courses annually. For registration contact our helpdesk (+49 551 201 1523 or support@gwdg.de subject: SPSS).

License fee for Single User License

The complete package costs 5.60 (plus VAT) per month and license.

License Ordering

Please send order to:



Postfach 28 41
37018 Göttingen

If your order has comming in you will get your authorization codes together with your invoice. ATTENTION: If you do not need a license in the next license period please send your cancellation before July. Otherwise a new license will be bought automatically and you will receive another invoice.


Software can downloaded from here if you have an IP address of a university of Lower Saxonia or Bremen. Otherwise you need a VPN tunnel to GWDG before download starts.

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