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-===  Reduction with MINLOC and MAXLOC ​ === 
-The reduction operations MINLOC and MAXLOC differ from all others: they return two results, the minimum resp. maximum of the values in the different tasks and the rank of a task, which holds the extreme value. mpi4py ​ provides the two operations only for the lower case ''​reduce''​ and ''​allreduce''​ mehods for comparing a single ​ numerical data object in every task. An example is given in 
-**reduce_minloc.py:​**  ​ 
-inp = numpy.random.rand(size) 
-senddata = inp[rank] 
-print 'on task',​rank,'​reduce: ​   ',​senddata,​recvdata ​ 
-print 'on task',​rank,'​allreduce:​ ',​senddata,​recvdata</​code>​ 
-=====  Code Examples ​ ===== 
-The python codes for all examples described in this tutorial are available from [[http://​wwwuser.gwdg.de/​~ohaan/​mpi4py_examples/​]] 
-[[Kategorie:​ Scientific Computing]]