Maintenance: GWDG-Fileservice

Message-Id: 201706231415
Time: 30th June from 5pm and 4th July from 5pm
Affected: WFS network drives, UNIX $HOME, Archive-Service, GDZ-Worker (SUB), Bioinfo, Crashplan
Impact: No file access

The Stor-Next-Environment is the central fileservice solution of the GWDG. During the last months hard- and software have been upgraded step by step to further improve stability and performance. Two measures remain to complete this action preliminary.

Starting Friday, 30th June, from 5pm we’ll prepare an upgrade to StorNext version 5.3 for the UNIX fileservice with the UNI-HOME directorys, which NFS export will use newly configured, more powerful servers. Because of a necessary filesystem check, we don’t expect this proces to fiish earlier than 1st Juli in the morning.

Maintence affects function accounts in particular, which have their Home directory mounted via NFS from the server fs-user1. These NFS mounts have to be re-mounted after maintenance has finished.

Here is how:<filesytem> <mount-point>
(instead of previously:<filesytem> <mount-point>)

new: <mount-point>
previously: <mount-point>

On Tuesday, 4th July, we plan another upgrade. Starting at 5pm all filesystems except HPC filesystems will be upgraded to the latest filesystem version (SN 5.4). During the upgrade, new hard- and software will be installed. We expect work to finish in the evening.

During maintenance, the following services will be unreachable:

– UNIX-HOME directorys
– Archiv-Service
– Text-Grid
– P-drive of MPG-Users
– GDZ-Worker of the SUB
– Filesevice BIOINFO
– Crashplan
– Following network drives of the University:

Because of the scale of this upgrade and the necessary assistance from the manufacturer, we won’t be able to perform these actions in our usual maintenance window.

Please take our apologize for any inconvenience.