[Warning] Phishingmail circulating

Meldungsnummer: 201712220840
Zeitraum: 21.12.2017
Betroffen: Users with GWDG mail account
Auswirkungen: Received a phishing mail

Unfortunately, the following phishing e-mail was delivered to some of our users yesterday:



Dear [username],

Server abuse notification for [mail@uni-goettingen] has been triggered. Your subcription will be suspended by uni-goettingen.de Support Center as you have violated the policy of your E-mail account usage.
kindly revalidate your subscription below and ensure that correct details are inputed otherwise email flow may be limited;
Your Account may be shut down if you are unable to complete the above.

Thanks for complying and for using uni-goettingen.de

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Please do not click on any link in this message or enter your account data. If you are unsure if you are affected by this attack, change your password via www.gwdg.de immediately.