Warning: again abuse of printers

Printers of the University of Göttingen are attacked again: Files with the name 5MB.bin are sent to the printers which leads to an enormous waste of paper.

Follow these steps to protect yourself against attacks like that:

  • Secure your institute network by a firewall. The IT security guide wants every institute to do so (see https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/52733.html).
  • Only use 10.76.xxx.xxx IPs for your printers and computers.
  • Inform us about any changes you make at your printers. This helps us to keep gwd-winprint up to date.
  • Provisionally you can activate the build in firewall of your printer (see printers manual for details). Do not forget to allow gwd-winprint to print on your printer

Please contact support@gwdg.de if you have any questions